Ocean County Freeholders Sue to Stop Sanctuary State

Just this week the Ocean County Freeholder Board filed a lawsuit against Governor Murphy’s Attorney General and their Sanctuary State Directive. Unlike Governor Murphy, our Ocean County elected officials are putting the safety of their constituents first and making sure that illegal immigrants cannot settle in OUR County.
Governor Murphy is not going to like this. He is going to do anything he can to ensure that our Freeholders and Sheriff don’t win re-election. When Phil Murphy ran for Governor he spent millions of his own money to push out the competition and buy his office. Now that he is Governor, he is going to use that money once more to try and prop up candidates who will be his rubber stamp and support his liberal agenda.
We need your help to fight back. Our candidates want to stand up for you, but they can’t do it alone. Would you consider making a contribution to show your support and ensure that we have the funds to fight back against Governor Murphy and his money?
 Just to be clear – the Ocean County Freeholders are suing to ensure that Ocean County never becomes a Sanctuary County and that is going to make Governor Murphy and the Trenton Democrats really upset. If we are successful, we will be providing a blueprint that can be used across the entire country to fight back against liberal Democrats and their Sanctuary plans.
Every dollar raised will go towards turning out the vote in November and ensuring that our candidates are successful on Election Day.