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Welcome to the Ocean County GOP

The Ocean County Republican Organization consists of several pieces (parts):


Elected Chairman

  • Appointed Officers

  • County Council

  • County Committee


The County Committee elects the County Chairman and Vice-Chair. Frank B. Holman, III is the current County Chairman. Frank was elected in May of 2019 to an unexpired term that ends in June 2022.


The County Chairman appoints the officers of Finance Chair, currently Jerry Dasti, Esq., and Treasurer, currently Jerry Conaty, CPA. Various committees are formed for finance, campaigns, and screening candidates. The County Chairman was also elected and serves as Chairman of the County Election Board. The Board’s task is to ensure accurate vote counting and set-up of voting infrastructure.


The County Committee represents the “grassroots” of our organization. An elected male and female county committee person (currently 700± potential spots) represents every voting district in the County. The County Committee represents our party at the local level. They complement and support the local Republican clubs and help recruit members. They also elect the County Chairman. They are instrumental in nominating local candidates.

The County Council’s task is to run County conventions that nominate Republican candidates for countywide office. Freeholder Jack Kelly presently presides as Council President. Those who vote at the convention are elected Republican leaders and local organization leaders.


Who We Are

We are a diverse team of all backgrounds representing Ocean County's GOP.

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2022 Candidates

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