Proposed Amendments










The following incorporates the changes discussed and agreed upon by Chairman Holman, President Kelly, Jack Sahradnik, Laura Benson, Rob Nixon and Mike Thulen, Jr. 


Article I




The (Purpose of) Goals and Objectives of the Regular Republican Organization of Ocean County (hereinafter called the “Organization”) are as follows:


(Section 1).To work and strive for good, sound, economical and (progressive) conservative government at all levels – Municipal, County, State and National;


(Section 2.)To keep the voters and general public informed of the accomplishments of the Organization and its contributions to the progress, welfare and orderly growth of our County; and


Section 3).To (officially) endorse and provide support to qualified candidates for public office who are persons of experience, leadership and dedication.


Article II



Section 1: The Organization may have Headquarters (offices) at such places as the Organization may from time to time designate.


Article III:



Section 1: The Organization shall be composed of the following members:


A. Republicans registered to vote in Ocean County and holding the following offices:


U.S. Congresspersons and former Congresspersons

State Senator and former State Senators

State Assemblypersons and former State Assemblypersons

Sheriff and former Sheriffs, and current Undersheriffs

County (Freeholders) Commissioners and former County (Freeholders) Commissioners

County Clerk and former County Clerks and current Deputy County Clerk

Surrogate and former Surrogates

State Committeeman

State Committeewoman

Current and former County (Chairmen) Chairpersons and current Vice (Chairwomen) Chairperson

Current President and former Presidents of this Organization

President, Ocean County Women’s Federation Republican Club

President, Ocean County Young Republicans

President of the Ocean County Black Republican Organization

Republican Municipal (Chairmen) Chairpersons

Chairperson and Treasurer, the Republican Finance Committee of Ocean County, Inc.

Ocean County Counsel

Assistant County Counsel as appointed by County Counsel

Municipal or local Republican Club Presidents of those clubs presently affiliated with this

Organization or which subsequently become affiliated in accordance with Sections 8 and 12 of this Article

Republican Mayors and one (1) Republican member of the Governing Body (Councilperson, Commissioner or Township Committee) or the Mayor and/or Governing Body member from a non-partisan municipality who are registered republican.


B.Other Republican Officials and leaders who shall be elected as members by two-thirds

affirmative vote of those members of the Organization present and voting at the annual meeting


Section 2: Any former office holder serving as a member of this Organization pursuant to Section 1, A and B of this Article may be expelled or suspended as a member of this Organization by majority vote of the members, the officer in question not voting, at the annual meeting or any meeting subsequent to thirty (30) days notice of such action.


Section 3: No former elected officeholder of this Organization serving pursuant to Section 1A of this Article shall be permitted to have his or her vote cast by proxy.


Section 4: In order to vote, a Member must be in good standing with his or her local Republican Club, where such club exists.


Section 5: Municipal Club Presidents shall be individually entitled to (1) vote. A Municipal Club President shall also be entitled to cast an additional vote for each complete unit of five (5) election districts in their municipality.  


Section. 6: The number of additional votes to which a Municipal Club President through their local Republican Club is entitled for the year shall be (announced) posted prior to the roll call of each meeting as determined by the Credentials Committee.  


Section 7: For a purpose other than nominating candidates for office, such as determining a quorum, the Club President shall count as one (1) vote.


Section 8: Each municipality shall be entitled to a maximum of four (4) base votes through the Republican Clubs. Recognition shall be given to those clubs presently affiliated with this Organization, but as to new applications, the following categories are established:


A. Joint Clubs

B. Men’s Clubs

C. Women’s Clubs

D. Young Republican Clubs

E. Regional or Neighborhood Clubs


No more than one club in any category shall be affiliated with the Organization, but if more than one club applied for affiliation in any vacant or open category, such club shall be affiliated only upon majority vote of the members of the Organization present and voting at any meeting. In such cases, the Credentials Committee shall issue a report of findings and recommendations no later than the March meeting.


Section 9: Each member shall be entitled to cast one (1) vote to approve any action or endorse any candidate for public office. A vote of the majority of the members present or voting by proxy shall be required. No member shall cast more than one (1) vote regardless of the number of positions held, except that eligible Club President shall be entitled to cast their weighted vote as stated in this Article. Each voting member may vote for only Congressional and Legislative candidates in their respective district.


Section 10: Affiliation of local Republican Clubs shall be through the membership in this Organization. No President or Chairperson of a club not affiliated with this Organization shall be entitled to vote.


Section 11: The President or Chairperson of any organization whose membership is established in accordance with Section 1 A of this Article and his or her organization shall comply with these By-Laws, failing in which said Organization may be disassociated by a majority vote of the members.


Section 12: The Regular Republican Club in any municipality whose President shall cast the weighted vote for said municipality shall be that organization recognized for said purpose by this Organization.  In the event no Regular Republican Club exists in a municipality or where a Club is not recognized by this Organization, any club applying for such designation shall be judged in accordance with the following priorities listed in order of importance: membership open to both sexes, size of membership (determined by dues paying members), members elected to public office, attendance at club meetings, activity of club and members in local election campaigns and size of club treasury (on average). The Credentials Committee shall investigate any such applications and report its findings and recommendations at the next meeting following submission of the application, and at any time thereafter such applications may be acted upon by the Organization. No applications for membership shall be considered by the Credentials Committee after February of each year.


Section 13: No local Republican Club President shall remain a member unless his/her club shall maintain a current list of dues paying members.(and the club’s current Constitution and By-laws are on file with the Secretary of this Organization.  The President and one other officer of his/her club shall certify annually the accuracy of said membership list and Constitution and By-laws pursuant to the requirements of Article X the submission of which shall be reviewed by the Credential Committee no later than February of each year.)


Section 14: Any individual voting member of this Organization who fails to comply with these By-Laws for the purposes for which this Organization is formed may be disassociated by a majority vote of the membership.



Article IV



Section 1: There shall be a minimum of( four (4)) two (2) meetings a year which shall be called by the President in consultation with the County Chairperson, (in January or February) provided that the annual election meeting shall be held no later than April 15th of each year and that the meeting for the purpose of endorsing candidates to run on the Organization line in the Primary Election shall be held not more than one-hundred and twenty (120) nor less than fifty (50) days prior to said Primary Election. Any additional meetings may be called by either the President or the County Chairperson. Notice of such meetings shall be given five (5) days prior to the meeting.


Section 2: Unless otherwise ordered by the President. The order of business at the meetings shall be:


1. Roll Call

2. Approval of the Minutes and Treasurer’s Report

3. Communications

4. Report of Committees

5. Old Business

6. New Business

7. Adjournment


 Section 3: A quorum for the transaction of business shall be a majority of the members present or represented by proxy, except in no event less than 30 members.


Section 4: Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern the conduct of all meetings. If there is a conflict between Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, then these By-Laws shall take precedence.


Section 5: A proxy may be cast at any meeting for any purpose provided that same is written and notarized, authorizes a specific person to cast the proxy, is physically brought to the meeting at which it is to be used by the person authorized to exercise same (who must reside in the same municipality as the person making the proxy), and is presented to the President or person designated by the President to receive proxies prior to its exercise. Proxies containing specific instruments shall not be permitted. Any person bringing a proxy on behalf of a voting member, may not bring additional proxies on behalf of voting members.


Section 6: In the event the President of the Organization fails to hold meetings as required in Section 1 of this Article, the First Vice President, in consultation with the Chairperson, shall have the Authority to schedule and call such meetings to Order.


Article V

Screening and Selection of Candidates


Section 1: The membership shall vote upon a slate of candidates presented by a Screening Committee appointed by the County (Chairman) Chairperson in consultation with the President of this Organization, which appointment shall be made not later than the month of February of each year. The Screening Committee shall consist of nine (9) members, four (4) of whom shall be selected on a regional basis with five (5) members selected at large. The County (Chairman) Chairperson, in consultation with the President of this Organization, may also appoint four (4) alternate members to serve in the absence of a member. The County Chairperson, in consultation with the President of this Organization, shall designate the time and place of the Screening Committee meeting and direct notice of the same be posted on the Organization’s website no less than fourteen (14) days prior to said meeting. Candidates wishing to appear before the Screening Committee shall notify the County Chairperson in writing of their intention to appear before the Screening Committee no less than five (5) days prior to the Screening Committee meeting.


Section 2: The Screening Committee shall issue its report and recommendations for endorsement of a slate of candidates on the Primary Election Ballot at the regular or special meeting to be held (in the month of April of each year) for that purpose. Nominations from the floor may be made at this meeting, providing the candidate has first appeared before the Screening Committee.  No person may be nominated from the floor for more than one elected office.


Section 3: At both the annual meeting and the meeting to vote upon candidates the President in consultation with the County Chairperson shall appoint three (3) active members who are not nominees to serve as Tellers. The Tellers shall ensure that the ballots are correct and complete, that all active members present only receive a ballot and that all ballots are counted and reported. In all cases the voting shall be by secret ballot.


Section 4: A majority of all votes cast shall be necessary for election or endorsement as the case may be at the annual meeting or the meeting at which candidates shall be selected. In the event that a candidate for election or endorsement does not receive a majority of the votes cast, balloting shall continue with the nominee having the lowest vote being dropped from the second and succeeding ballots until a nominee shall have received a majority of all votes cast. Where there is only one (1) nominee or candidate for an office, balloting may be by voice vote. Where more than one (1) candidate is to be endorsed for any office, balloting shall continue until all endorsements have been awarded by majority vote.


Section 5: Only candidates for Federal, State and County offices who are endorsed by this Organization shall appear on the Regular Republican Organization of Ocean County designated line.


Section 6: Only candidates for municipal offices who receive the endorsement of their respective local Regular Republican Organization with the weighted vote shall appear on the Regular Republican Organization of Ocean County designated line. In those municipalities with less than five (5) voting districts only candidates for municipal office receiving the endorsement of their respective local Regular Republican Organization recognized by the Regular Republican Organization of Ocean County shall appear on the Regular Republican Organization of Ocean County designated line.


Article VI



Section 1: The officers of the Organization shall be:



First Vice President

Second Vice President


Secretary (Recording Secretary)

(Corresponding Secretary)

Four (4) Sergeant at Arms


Alternate Parliamentarian


They shall be elected from the members of the Organization at its annual meeting. The officers shall constitute the corporate trustees of the Organization.


Section 2: The terms of office of all officers elected at the annual meeting shall commence at the conclusion of the voting for officers notwithstanding that installation ceremonies for the newly elected officers may occur at a subsequent meeting.


Section 3: A Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President in consultation with the County Chairperson prior to the annual meeting. At the annual meeting, the Committee shall make its report, presenting nominees for each office, after which nominations may be received from the floor. The name of a member of the Nominating Committee shall not be presented by the Nominating Committee as a nominee for an office unless that member of the Nominating Committee has first resigned from the Nominating Committee.


Section 4: Balloting for position shall be in the following order:



First Vice President

Second Vice President



Sergeant at Arms


Alternate Parliamentarian


Section 5: The officers shall hold office for one year after their election or until their successors have been duly elected and qualified


Section 6: No person shall hold two elective positions simultaneously within this Organization, but the holding of an elective office shall not preclude membership on one or more standing or special committees.


Section 7: The officers shall exercise the corporate responsibilities of the Organization in accordance with prevailing statutes.


Section 8: The officers shall have the following duties and powers:


A. President

1. Shall be chief executive officer of the Organization

2. Shall preside at all regular and special meetings, and it shall be his/her duty to see that all meetings are conducted in an orderly manner and in accordance with these By-Laws.

3. The President, in consultation with the Chairperson, shall make appointments to committees pursuant to Article IX, except as otherwise provided herein, and shall be a member ex-officio of all committees.

4. Shall consult with the Chairperson to promote the Goals and Objectives of the Organization and for the election of Republicans endorsed by the membership.


 B.  First Vice President

1. Shall in the absence of the President assume all the duties and authority of the President provided that in the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the First Vice President shall succeed to the office of President for the unexpired term until a special election is held as required herein

2. Shall assist the President in the performance of his/her duties and perform such other responsibilities as directed by the President.


C.   Second Vice President

1. The Second Vice President shall have all the powers and duties of the First Vice President except when said duties relate to the absence of the President, unless the First Vice President position is also vacant at said time, or the First Vice President is also absent.


D.  Treasurer

1. Shall be the custodian of the Organization’s funds, and shall be responsible for preparing and filing reports required by governmental agencies

2. Shall maintain a complete record of any and all monies received and disbursed

3. May open and maintain a checking account requiring the signature of two (2) of the following officers:






E.  Secretary

1. Shall keep an accurate record and minutes of the proceedings of all regular and special organization meetings in an appropriate binder with pages numbered sequentially by year and page number and signed

 2. Shall send out all meeting notices and shall handle correspondence and perform similar duties at the direction of the President


F. Sergeant at Arms

1. Shall maintain decorum and order during all functions of this organization


G. Parliamentarian

1. Shall oversee all elections of this organization

2. Shall be responsible for the interpretations of these By-Laws and Roberts Rules of Order, with respect to procedural issues raised by the membership

3. Shall serve as Chairperson of the Credentials Committee

4. Such other duties as designated by the President


H. Alternate Parliamentarian

1. Shall perform all of the functions of the Parliamentarian in the case of the absence of the Parliamentarian.


Article VII



Section 1: Vacancies in elected positions shall be filled temporarily by appointment of the President, but then by special election of the membership at the next succeeding regular meeting for the unexpired term.


Section 2: Notice of such vacancy and the election to fill same shall be given with the notice of the meeting.


Section 3: A vacancy in the office of the President shall be filled temporarily by the First Vice President until filled by election as provided in Section 1 of this Article.


Article VIII



Section 1: Dues for each recognized organization as outlined in Article III shall be $ 25.00 which shall be payable on or before the annual meeting for the ensuing year. No member of the recognized organization may vote while in arrears.


Article IX



Section 1: For the better regulation of the affairs and business of the Organization, there shall be appointed by the President the following committees from among the members, and said members so appointed shall serve at the pleasure of the President until their successors have been designated. Each committee shall consist of not less than three (3) members, nor more than ten (10), unless otherwise specified, one of whom shall be designated Chairperson by the President.


A. Nominations Committee

B. Credentials Committee

C. By-Laws Committee


Section 2: The Committee on Nominations shall meet each year prior to the election of officers and present a slate of recommendations to the members, as hereinafter provided, for the respective officers to be elected.


Section 3: The Committee on Credentials shall each year at the March meeting certify those present who have qualified as members. In the event of a dispute concerning the right to membership or the right to vote, unless otherwise specified in these By-Laws, the matter shall be submitted to the general membership for resolution. A majority vote of those members in attendance and voting shall be required.


Section 4: The By-Laws Committee shall review all amendments proposed to the By-Laws and shall report thereon to the members. The Chairperson of this Committee shall serve as Parliamentarian for the Organization.


Section 5: The President may, in consultation with the Chairperson, establish other Standing or Special Committees as needed to further the business and objectives of the Organization.  Except for appointments to the Nomination, Credential or Bylaws Committee, nothing shall prevent the President from appointing any Registered Republican in the County to a Special Committee who is not a member of this Organization pursuant to Article III.


Article X

Municipal Club Good Standing Requirements


Section 1: Every Municipal Republican Club shall be required to establish and follow bylaws governing their operation. Municipal Republican Clubs shall be permitted to adopt and follow Roberts Rules of Order in place of bylaws.  Each Club shall forward to the Secretary of this Organization a copy of their Bylaws or a certification acknowledging the adoption of Roberts Rules of Order within 45 days of the approval of this Article and immediately upon passage of any amendments in any subsequent year. 


Section 2: A Municipal Republican Club shall not pass any Bylaws that are in conflict with the Goals, Objectives and candidates endorsed by this Organization.


Section 3: A Municipal Republican Club that fails to hold meetings open to its membership shall be deemed not in good standing for purposes of recognition by this Organization.


Article XI

Municipal Club Recognition


Section 1: When a Municipal Republican Club is seeking recognition by this Organization, or in any case where two or more Municipal Clubs are seeking recognition by this Organization, a request for membership shall be made in writing to the President who shall require the Credentials Committee to review and make recommendations in each case.  A majority vote of the membership shall be required to approve the recommendations of the Credentials Committee in awarding recognition to a Municipal Republican Club.


Article XII



These By-Laws may be altered or amended at any meeting of the Organization, provide that a ten (10) day notice prior to a meeting of the Organization of the intention to alter or amend is delivered to the Secretary. The By-Laws may only be altered or amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at the meeting.





The above Articles were adopted as the revised By-Laws of the Regular Republican Organization of Ocean County, Incorporated at a regular meeting of said Organization held on:_________________.






John P. Kelly                                                                       John C. Sahradnik

President                                                                             By-Laws Chairperson