Frank was elected as Ocean County Republican Chairman in May of 2019.


Frank retired from his accounting firm the same month. He is proud of building, with his partners, a 10 million dollar accounting firm, with over 70 employees.


Frank is a Jackson native whose family has been involved in Republican politics since Ocean County’s creation. His ancestors include two Ocean County Sheriffs and a Freeholder. Frank’s father Frank B. Holman, Jr. served as Jackson Township Mayor, Ocean County Administrator and State Chairman under Governor Thomas Kean.


Frank B. Holman, III, served as Jackson Township Tax Collector and was Treasurer of the Ocean County Finance Committee and County Campaigns for over 30 years.


Frank presently resides in Waretown with his partner, Joanne. Frank’s son Matthew and his wife Lauren are partners in Holman Frenia Allison (HFA), CPA’s. He also has 3 grandchildren who all reside in Point Pleasant.


An avid hunter, fisherman and NRA member, Frank will continue to push and support strong Republican leadership.