Great Work! Results are in. Scott Colabella and Joe Vicari won by 2 to 1 margins. Each won by over 100,000 votes!

Turnout was an astonishing 78%.

We did our part for President Trump by delivering a 98,000-vote VICTORY margin.

Congressman Chris Smith garnered 71% of the vote in Ocean County, as he was re-elected. Congressman Van Drew defeated a Kennedy and won 2 to 1 in Ocean County. Regrettably, David Richter in Congressional District 3 won Ocean County by 28,999 votes, but lost the race because of a deficit in Burlington County.

Remarkably, we won 28 out of 29 municipal races. One of the seats in the 29th race, South Toms River is still being contested. Stay tuned!

I’m most proud of how our grassroots efforts with Vote By Mail succeeded! Two weeks before the election, Democrats had turned in a higher percentage of affiliated ballots than we had. Boy, did we fix that! Our “turn in” the ballot efforts paid off!

Next year will be a busy one for all of us. All State Senate and Assembly seats are up. We also get to “REMOVE” Governor Murphy from office. Additionally, we will have some lively local races as well.

We will forever be grateful to President Trump for delivering a vaccine at “warp speed” that will save many of us.

Please check out our website: County Council will be setting dates for an Organization meeting and our spring convention.

Frank B. Holman, III


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