A Message from our Ocean County Chairman

As your Ocean County Republican Chairman, please know I share in your grief over Wednesday’s terrible events. Please let us pray for those who were killed or injured. We stand with all Americans in condemning the violent actions that took place.

As we recover from our depression of this week, let us rededicate ourselves to improving our country. Let’s work hard to elect leaders who can unite us. Let’s look to God for guidance. Let us dust off our Abraham Lincoln biography. He led us through our country’s darkest time.

Let us work hard at restoring issues, oriented conversations with our families and friends without animus. Let us discourage personality based arguments. We have the greatest Democracy on earth. We must be able to talk about issues and cast educated votes.

Hang in there! We will get through this!

On another note, please know that the Ocean County contingent who traveled to Washington protested peacefully and returned home safely without incident.

Yours Truly,

Frank B. Holman, III - Chairman

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