Chairman Holman - New Year's Message

Dear County Committeewoman/County Committeeman:


2020 is now in the books, a year like no other.

Let us reflect on how lucky we are and let us never forget those we have lost to the relentless virus.

As your Chairman, I wanted to update you on our organization’s progress half way through my 3-year term.

Despite the unique challenges 2020 presented, we won every election. We delivered record pluralities to President Trump, Freeholder Vicari and County Clerk Colabella. The margins of victory were exceeded by a remarkable 98,000 votes! (I am confident we will prevail in South Toms River when votes are re-counted.) Therefore, over the past two elections we have won 64 out of 65 races. We have never been stronger! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.

We are accomplishing the goals I set forth when I ran for Chairman in 2019.

· Recruitment of more women –

Ø Pat Lane as Executive Director of our organization, who manages our headquarters.

Ø I have placed three women in important roles on your Election Board and promoted another to Supervisor, Beth McGuckin.

Ø I chose two women as delegates to the Republican National Convention, Ruthanne Scaturro and Esther Liebenschek.

Ø I will continue to encourage our towns to recruit women to run for public office.

· Our OC GOP Website Revamped –

Ø Regular News Stories

Ø Press Releases-Communication – local, county and state

Ø Updated Election – Candidates – local, county and state

Ø Calendar updates

· New Headquarters –

Ø Half the cost

Ø Spacious headquarters

Ø Meetings held for county business, local club access and heavily used at election time for many volunteers, etc.

· More inclusion – local level

Ø The pandemic has hindered my efforts to hold County Committee meetings. When the virus is contained, we will meet regionally around the county.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank our Finance Chair Jerry Dasti, Treasurer Jerry Conaty and our Vice-Chair Barbara Lanuto for their efforts of doing a great job during this very challenging year!