Ocean County Chairman’s 1st Year Report

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

It’s hard to believe over a year has past.

None of us will forget 2020. We pray for those we have lost and those that are sick.

Since my election as your Chairman in May of 2019, I have worked on the goals that I set. We have succeeded!

My first priority was to establish our fundraising effort in preparation for November 2019 elections. Our finance chair Jerry Dasti, Esquire, and his committee did a great job. All of our campaigns were well funded.

We swept county wide races, re-electing Freeholders Jack Kelly and Ginny Haines and Sheriff Mastronardy with over 60% pluralities. Overall, Republicans won 33 out of 34 races when municipalities were included. November 2019 was a great election!

I succeeded so far in fulfilling my other pledges: involve more women in our organization, increase our platform on social media and establish a new headquarters that can be utilized by all Republicans.

As Election Board Chairman, I have placed three women in important slots on your Election Board and promoted another to Supervisor, Beth McGuckin. I have appointed Pat Lane as our Executive Director. I will continue to encourage our towns to recruit women to run for public office.

We have launched a new OC GOP website. It contains more information and links to social media. We post daily including GOP news, announcements and events. Our “touches” will grow everyday. Before long we will be “messaging” to thousands of our supporters.

We have a new, bigger, renovated headquarters for all to use, at half the cost of the previous one. Please visit us if you have not done so as yet. Our headquarters are located at 40 Main Street, Suite 101, Toms River (Wells Fargo Bank – our entrance is located in the rear of the building on Irons Street).

I will continue to work hard for our great organization. This year will bring unique challenges. First and foremost will be to re-elect President Trump and the candidates up and down our ticket.

Thanks for the support of everyone. We have assembled a great team. Our entire organization should be proud. It’s an honor to be Chairman of the Ocean County Republican Organization.

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